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Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

The immortal beauty of ancient Egyptian jewelry has inspired modern designers to recreate some of those timeless classics from the past. The necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other items are as popular now as ever before among both men as well as women who appreciate this era.

The act of buying an Egyptain charm bracelet, an Ankh cross, or an Isis necklace for yourself or as a gift for friend can start a journey of exploration in to the ancient Gods and Goddesses of Egypt, or it could just be a bit of fun for a special occasion.

Egyptian Charm Bracelets

Egyptian charm bracelets make awesome gifts. You can give one as a present and the receiver can then add charms to them or you can give more charms on the next birthday or as a treat. The charms themselves can be for all kinds of luck and positive energy.

For example, the Ankh Hieroglyphic sign was the symbol of life to the ancient Egyptians. It is often depicted in the hands of the Gods and Goddesses in the wall art of tombs. It is similar to the Christian cross of today and its appeal is global as a symbol of life and immortality.

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Egyptian Cleopatra Costume

How about an Egyptian Cleopatra Costume for that next party? Why wait until Halloween before you make a grand entrance in a costume that will amaze your friends and perhaps draw the admiring gaze of someone whose attention you've been trying to attract?

These costumes are better than ever. They are both durable and affordable. The flowing material make them both elegant and sexy at the same time. The crowning glory is the headdress with which no Cleopatra costume would be complete.

Egyptian Belly Dance Costume

Why not treat yourself to an Egyptian belly dance costume? These make great costumes for any party, but they are also ideal for theatrical performances or dance demonstrations. No theatre wardrobe would be complete without a set of these in various colors.

The Belly Dance is not only a respected, exciting, and alluring Middle Eastern dance form, but it also a form of exercise that has become very popular in the West. Many women take up belly dancing to keep in shape. It's suitable for women of all ages and sizes.

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